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An interactive North Pole experience designed by Disney imagineers!!!

Wanted Santa Claus of Dallas and Fort Worth, no hat

a.k.a. Santa Mark Stepherson, Member, Lone Star Santas

Good news! Christmas has not been cancelled!

As if anything could prevent us from celebrating

Many Christmas traditions have been cancelled. Most opportunities for pictures on Santa’s knee have been cancelled. Many parades, celebrations, and Santa appearances have been cancelled. But not all...

Santa is working with JingleRing, so you can get pictures and a video of you children, grandchildren, nieces, and/or nephews meeting Santa in an interactive experience by Disney animators that leaves mere “video conferencers” gasping in awe.

You may choose
...to meet Santa, Mrs Claus, or both.
...to have a story (or not)
...a preferred language (ASL, English, Spanish, ...)
...a preferred race (Black, Hispanic, Caucasian, ...)
...invite guests in other places to join your visit.

What to expect...

When you schedule a North Pole experience, you will have the opportunity to share your city, the children’s names, what they got for Christmas last year, pet names, and things they need to improve.

Your experience will begin with entertaining, online activities concluding with an animation of elves in the control room connecting Santa to your visit. While that is going on, Santa is reading your information to be ready for his visit.

During your experience, Santa will already know the children’s names. He will be able to ask about their pets or the gifts from last Christmas. He will be able to thank Janice or Ben for being a good big sister or big brother. He will ask Janet or Bobby to remember to use their nice voice when talking to adults.

After your experience, you will have a video of the visit and screenshots taken during the visit to enjoy later.

And the prices are half what many lesser opportunities cost. Personalized, pre-recorded messages start at $19.95. Live, online visits start at $24.95.

GREAT FOR MILITARY FAMILIES! A family at home can join a deployed military member anywhere in the world to celebrate with Santa.

Don’t just offer your children a video conference with Santa. Offer them an interactive North Pole experience!

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Traditional offerings

HOME VISITS YES! Santa Claus can come to YOUR HOME for a Christmas party, gift delivery, photos...

OFFICE AND COMMUNITY EVENTS An office party, tree lighting, fund raiser, toy drive, or other event will be better with Santa!

YEAR-ROUND EVENTS Santa Claus can deliver graduation birthday, or anniversary gifts, make "nice or naughty" checks, show up at grand openings, vacation at a water park, and more!

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