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Wanted Santa Claus storytelling at a Christmas party

CHRISTMAS PARTIES Put yourself in your child's place. You're having a Christmas party. Your siblings and cousins, the neighborhood children or your invited friends are all together, then the door bell rings. When someone answers, the house is filled with a hearty "HO HO HO!" In comes Santa himself, to YOUR party! How thrilling would that be?

If you are a cautious party host, you may be reluctant to invite a stranger to your party. You may check Santa Mark's profile on (formerly GigMasters) to verify that he has been background checked and read every review he has received.

STORY TELLING Typically a part of home, daycare, or school visits, Santa Mark makes stories come alive!

SNEAK-A-PEEK "Catch Santa in the act" is a very limited but very special event. Santa Mark can visit your home overnight Christmas Eve/Christmas morning (10:00 - 5:00). He will hang stockings, take gifts from his bag, place the gifts under the tree, and speak to your Elf on the Shelf.

To make this work, Santa Mark will call before arriving. You can let him in, wake your children, and tell them to be quiet while you watch and take pictures. He will finish and leave you and your children with a special memory. These are brief visits, about 5 - 10 minutes, for a lifetime of memories.

[Remind your children not to talk because everyone knows that if Santa Claus catches you watching him, he can make you fall back to sleep with no memory of seeing him.]

Even parents, who know they invited Santa Mark, may feel a tingle from the Christmas magic.

Please have a bag with one or two gifts ready when Santa Mark arrives. All the other gifts should be around the tree, having "already come out of his bag". A plate with cookie crumbs and an empty milk glass will improve the illusion.

CHRISTMAS MORNING VISIT Santa Mark can be "behind schedule" and deliver the last of his gifts Christmas morning instead of overnight.

Or maybe you invited him to breakfast and he accepted because he remembered that you had the nicest children or the best cookies. Since he has been working all night, breakfast will need to be quick so he can get back to the North Pole for "a long winter's nap."

This could be part of an extended family celebration Christmas morning.


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OFFICE AND COMMUNITY EVENTS An office party, tree lighting, fund raiser, toy drive, or other event will be better with Santa!

YEAR-ROUND EVENTS Santa Claus can deliver graduation birthday, or anniversary gifts, make "nice or naughty" checks, show up at grand openings, vacation at a water park, and more!

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