Create magical events all year! Invite "vacation" Santa Claus!
(He's good for more than just a Christmas party.)



Santa Claus in Hawaii


YEAR-ROUND NAUGHTY OR NICE CHECKS Santa knows that even nice children and grownups may sometimes do something naughty.

Is your child not doing homework or chores regularly? Are your children not feeding the dog, cat, or fish like they said they would before getting them? Do they need a special reminder? It’s never too late to encourage them to start being nice again.

Is your child extra-helpful? Is your child nice to other children who get picked on or bullied? It’s never too early to let them know you noticed.

From Jan - Oct you can schedule a check-up to encourage or praise them. It may be difficult to schedule in Nov or Dec.

NEW CAR DELIVERY (for a spouse, graduate...) Santa can stop by with a gift that is "too big to fit into the sleigh or store until Christmas!"

1937 Mercedes 540k

FILM, TELEVISION, PRINT Santa Mark is particular about the products and messages he promotes. He will not promote alcohol, "adult" products, or immoral messages. This is not an exhaustive list and Santa Mark will decide for himself if a message is acceptable.


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HOME VISITS YES! Santa Claus can come to YOUR HOME for a Christmas party, gift delivery, photos...

OFFICE AND COMMUNITY EVENTS An office party, tree lighting, fund raiser, toy drive, or other event will be better with Santa!

REVIEWS This link takes you to every review ever submitted to (formerly for Wanted Santa

WHY IS MY CHILD AFRAID OF SANTA CLAUS? and what should I do about it?

THE ORIGIN AND HISTORY OF SANTA CLAUS How Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, became St Nicholas and inspired Kris Kringle, Sinter Klaas, and finally Santa Claus

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